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About Asia Pacific Mahjong (APM)

Asia Pacific Mahjong is one of many entertainment businesses under the umbrella of World Club Games Pty Ltd established in July 2013.

Although Asia Pacific Mahjong may be a newly established business, the management team behind it has a total of more than 20 years combined experience in hosting mahjong tournaments in Sydney and at International mahjong tournaments overseas.

Our Mission and Values

The mission of APM is to be the leader in providing mahjong entertainment in Australian clubs and around the Asia Pacific regions.

Our Values are Clear

Client focused

Our success derives from a deep understanding of our clients to whom APM is committed to deliver exceptional service and value. In our business first impressions are important but lasting impressions are everything. We strive to maintain a high level of respect and integrity in all interactions with our players, colleagues, and business partners.


We lead from the front, displaying our integrity and using facts to support our straight talk. We create an environment for positive change built on collaboration and trust. We are committed to making ethical decisions, always keeping our players in mind, and setting a strong example of professionalism and excellence at all times.

Execution Excellence

With the collaboration of our players, employees and sponsors, we have developed an innovative system of hosting mahjong games and we have developed new rules to make the game fun and fair for our players. We pursue excellence in all we do for our clients and ourselves, striving always for recognition as the best in our industry.


We accept individual responsibility for our commitments and expect to be accountable for results. We will outperform our competition as an entertainment company with simplified operations and a highly inspired team.

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GUOBIAO Leaderboard

1IVANOVSKI Aleksandar WCG1321402324
2Aaron Hoi Che CHANG WCG1321432321
3Karen ONG WCG1321222310
4Henry CHOI WCG1321080292
5Linda PANG WCG1321468253
6Des CHEE WCG1321018241
7Ben LIU WCG1421568112
8Christopher PANG WCG1321377104
1Xiaohui HUANG WCG13214334887.1
2Yiu Hing YAU WCG13213784767.3
3Ng CHER CHAIR WCG13210284729
4Maria TUNG WCG13213504037.9
5Annie YAU WCG13210264036.3
6Danyi WU WCG16222753965
7Julie LEUNG WCG13213383928.3
8Mimi ANDERSON WCG16222703433.4
9Shihao ZHOU WCG14218403229.7
10Jie HUANG WCG13213653201.3
11Juliana Sau King SZETO WCG17223753055.1
12En Qi TAO WCG13211182999.5
13Graham L ANDERSON WCG14217122982
14Lawrence AU WCG13210502975.1
15HOOI LIM WCG13210232958.3
16Des CHEE WCG13210182903.7
Latest game result
Monday Day--Wenty Leagues Club
1Tit Hon LO WCG18227351025
2Meihong LAO WCG1421907905
3Le Chanh HUA WCG1321032860
4Shiu Kei MAK WCG1422001825
5Xuanmin HONG WCG1421826805
6Xiu Xin LI WCG1321182685
7Donald WONG WCG1321359595
8Xiaohui HUANG WCG1321433535
9XioaQing AO WCG1922876445
10Anna YU WCG1321105435
Monday Night--the crown and emperor hotel
1Amy Ah Bee KOIT WCG1421988535
2Karen ONG WCG1321222465
3Des CHEE WCG1321018370
4Ameeda CHEUNG WCG1321323350
5Kai Kit TAM WCG1321079330
6Shihao ZHOU WCG1421840260
7Boi Phuong TRAN WCG1421944185
8Dayong LIU WCG1421677155
9Christopher PANG WCG1321377145
10Chun YU WCG142183950
Monday Night--Wenty Leagues Club
1Weiqiang RUAN WCG13211241345
2Hunter ZHOU WCG1321217745
3David FUNG WCG1321127670
3Lily TO WCG1321077670
5Siufung HO WCG1321423645
6Yiu Hing YAU WCG1321378580
7Powan MA WCG1321257550
8Tse Kwan KAM WCG1822718530
9Nhi Thuan HUYNH WCG1321249500
9Jin CHEN WCG1321148500
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